The seasons are colliding! I’m busy scheduling drivers that will deliver corn to the State Fair, while also putting the finishing touches on our Fall Order Guide for our wholesale customers. Somewhere in between staffing, thinking ahead to fall, and the day-to-day tasks, I’m still knee-deep in summer work as well. While pumpkin and fall ornamental orders are on the horizon, let’s not wish away summer. In reality, late August and early September are truly the best time for Minnesota Grown produce as so much is being harvested.


After a week away from my kitchen, the share this week should make it easy to transition back to homecooked meals instead of takeout or meals on the road. Let’s dive in!


Sweet Corn: It’s here and dare I say some of the best sweet corn you might have ever had? This is the exact corn that will be making its way to the State Fair on Wednesday for their first delivery. The flavor is simply outstanding. For a true summertime meal, I’d recommend enjoying this corn either boiled or on the grill with burgers or brats. Get those summertime meals in before it’s too late!


Zucchini: Young and tender, I can’t get enough zucchini this summer. To keep it simple I will make some kabobs with zucchini, green peppers, and cippolini onions. It will take me maybe 10 minutes to put these together, drizzle with olive oil, and grill. Super easy for something that is absolutely delicious.


Potatoes: I think it’s all about the grill this week. Wash, dice, and place in foil along with some chopped onions. Place on the grill and cook until soft. These potatoes have such great flavor you can’t go wrong with however you choose to enjoy them this week.


Cippolini Onions: Sweet in flavor, these are fantastic for grilling or sauteing. Between kabobs, the foil-packed potatoes, and maybe a quick stir fry, these will go quickly! Store these on your counter and they should last for a couple of weeks if you can’t get to them all this week.


Green Peppers: Just enough for kabobs and maybe a couple of slices for a sandwich or two, these peppers are crispy and sweet. You can always add them to eggs or a salad as well.


Romano Beans: One of my summertime favorites is finally ready for everyone to enjoy! I love these beans steamed and then served with a honey mustard vinaigrette. Quick and easy, but so much flavor. I only wish that we could enjoy this flavor all year round.


Shishito Peppers: Tossed in olive oil and thrown in the air fryer, these make a great appetizer. I cheat and use a store-bought sweet chili sauce to dip them in, but you could always make your own. If you think these are a bit spicy, try dipping them in a yogurt-based sauce as that will but the heat just a bit.


Tomatoes: A couple of tomatoes that will be perfect for burgers and sandwiches this week. If you are feeling adventurous, try adding tomatoes to your morning eggs. I have seen so many people making amazing morning creations with eggs and tomatoes lately! If I only allowed myself time to cook in the morning instead of those few extra minutes of sleep 😊


Canary Melon: The perfect melon for snacking or dessert. I love to cut my melon up right away and place in a container in the fridge. That way, I can grab a small bowl of it whenever I’m in the mood. This type of melon is similar in flavor as honeydew, but tastes even better when you can drizzle a little fresh squeezed lime on top.


There you go, week number 10! I can’t wait to see what creations you all come up with this week.