Week #4 is here and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired. We are through the first weekend of farm tours and busy preparing for weekend number 2, which means it is a couple of extra long weeks of work for our entire team right now. It was great to welcome over 600 people to the farm last weekend and we look forward to welcoming about that same number this coming weekend.


Since it is farm tour season, I have been staying at the farm instead of heading to my own house so I can get a little extra sleep instead of driving back and forth. Today though, I get to go home for the first time in a week and I’m looking forward to spending a little time in the kitchen preparing this week’s share. Since I have to come back to the farm first thing Thursday morning and stay through next Tuesday again, my veggie prep will be relatively simple so that I can bring most of them with me to enjoy over the next few days. Let’s dive in and take a look at this week’s share!


Beets: I absolutely love beets. I know some people hate them, but these are truly one of my favorite vegetables. I like to roast the beets by wrapping each beet in tinfoil with a little bit of olive oil. I then toss them on a cookie sheet at bake at 400 for about an hour or so, depending on their size. I let them cool completely and then remove the tinfoil and outer layer of skin, slice up and toss into a container. Roasted beets on a salad with some goat cheese and either salmon or steak will definitely be on the menu this week.


Cauliflower: Chop, toss in some olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake on a cookie sheet at 400 until soft. Roasted cauliflower is a great addition to any lunch or dinner. You can also enjoy it raw, but I find I typically end up eating more of it if I cook it instead.


Kohlrabi: While you can easily turn the kohlrabi into a slaw, I will likely peel mine and chop it up so that I can roast it with my cauliflower. A little vegetable medley that I can have for a snack or alongside lunch or dinner throughout the week. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to turn your kohlrabi into a tasty slaw instead, give this recipe a try.


Romaine: Wash, dry, and chop. I know I’ll definitely be using some for a BLT, likely for dinner tonight since they are so quick and easy, but the rest will be turned into a quick and easy salad later in the week. Since I am not home much this week, if I throw it in a Tupperware, I know I can grab it and go come Thursday morning when I head back to the farm.


Scallions: Fresh sliced scallions on top of a dinner salad sounds amazing! The flavor is mild and they offer that extra pop. These are also great for adding to scrambled eggs or even into stir fry. I’ll probably add some to eggs, a salad, and I’ll add a couple to my roasted kohlrabi and cauliflower for a little extra flavor.


Slicing Tomatoes: A tomato for sandwiches, a tomato for a salad, and a tomato to enjoy sliced with a little mozzarella cheese. If you can’t get to all of your tomatoes, one way to preserve them is so simply chop them up and throw them in a container in the freezer. You can then add them to soups or stews this winter!


Grape Tomatoes: These don’t last long as I typically have them at my desk throughout the day as a snack. But, if you are looking for something different to do with them try roasting them and making a quick and easy pasta for dinner! Toss the tomatoes in some olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes or until they start to blister a bit. Add them to some noodles that are tossed in olive oil or butter and you have a fantastic dinner that’s super easy! You can always make the pasta a bit fancier by adding some spinach, garlic, or other roasted vegetables, along with your favorite protein.


Slicing Cucumbers: Wash, peel, and slice into a container as soon as I get home. If they are sliced, I know I will be more likely to grab them for a snack this week. A creamy cucumber salad also sounds delicious, but I am being realistic with my time and know I probably won’t get to that this week.


There you have it, week number 4. By all means, you can definitely jazz up your menu this week if time allows! I had to be real with myself know I am only home for 2 nights, but I still want to make it through my box this week as well. Realistically, I will spend about an hour in the kitchen when I get home today, but I should get through a bunch of prep so I can easily grab and go with my crazy schedule this week.


Enjoy your share!