August is here and we are fully into the summer grind. Early mornings, long days, late nights, it is that time of year. The phones keep ringing, the emails don’t stop and I get asked daily how I keep things straight in my brain. The simple answer is-I don’t! I remind myself this is just a season and it goes by oh so quickly. So, for now, I enjoy the chaos, drink a decent amount of caffeine each day, and enjoy long runs when I need a break to clear my mind. Before we know it, the calendar will read November, the weather will be chilly, and the pace much slower.


Shares are getting harder and harder to put together and that’s not because we don’t have product, but how can we make it all fit in the box? With seasons like this one when crops are delayed, that means we hit a point where so many things are ready at one time. That was the case this week as we began formulating the list of contents for the shares. Friday afternoon was spent arranging items in the box, ensuring items fit, and trying to figure out how we could fit just ONE more item in the box, and then after that, maybe just one more thing? After several attempts and combinations, we settled on one that we hope you all enjoy this week. Let’s dive in and check it out.


Sweet Corn: If you haven’t caught on yet, sweet corn will be in your shares until it is no more for the season. I have been a big fan of cutting the corn off the cob uncooked and sautéing it with other vegetables for a great dinner option. It gets a bit messy while cutting it off the cob, but my puppy is the lucky benefactor of the kernels that end up on the kitchen floor. The mess is worth the great flavor the corn adds to any meal.


Dinosaur Kale: A delicious leafy green that can be used in a variety of ways. Included in the weekly newsletter is a great Eggplant and Kale lasagna that this can be turned into. I will likely just chop it up, mix with a bit of olive oil and sauté with onion, carrots, and sweet corn. By sauteing the kale, it mellows the flavor a bit and often times I don’t even realize I’m eating a leafy green.


Carrots: As someone who completely admits to buying baby carrots at the grocery store out of habit in the wintertime and then lets them sit in my fridge, these definitely don’t sit in my fridge for long at all. I enjoyed carrots last night with a pot roast and last week I enjoyed some carrots roasted and added to other sauteed vegetables.


Purple & White Eggplant: A vegetable that so many people love to hate! I was that person for a while, but once you find a way to enjoy it, it really is pretty good. Eggplant Parm is a great way to use up the eggplants in this weeks share. My recommendation is to thinly slice the eggplant if the texture is an issue for you. I also like to make a vegetable lasagna with layers of thinly sliced eggplant. It takes a bit of time, but the end result is great and yields a lot so I am able to put portions in the freezer that I can grab later on in the season. This Stuffed Eggplant recipe is another contender that I may try this week.


Romanesco: Honestly, this is just a cool looking vegetable. The color, the shape. It’s weird looking, but tastes great! Steamed or roasted like broccoli or cauliflower, Romanesco makes a great addition to any dinner this week.


Broccoli: Sauteed broccoli, onion, corn, kale, and carrots would give you an excellent stir fry base this week! Otherwise, I love to chop my broccoli, toss in some olive oil and roast it until slightly crisp.


Onion: These onions are so sweet, I find myself adding them to a ton of different dishes. Whether I am just sauteing some vegetables for dinner or adding them to my morning eggs, they offer a lot of flavor without being overpowering.


Green Pepper: Crunchy and sweet, these are perfect for adding to scrambled eggs, sandwiches, or enjoying with a bit of hummus for an afternoon snack. We are just beginning the pepper harvest, so you will see more in the future.


Tomatoes: Oh the great tomato debacle of 2022 took place at 3am this morning. Some shares will be receiving heirlooms as advertised in the Saturday email and some will be receiving red slicers. When we put the list together, we had ample heirlooms for everyone. The issue with heirlooms though is that they don’t always hold for as long as slicing tomatoes. As we started packing shares this morning, we simply ran out of heirlooms as we had to compost a few more than anticipated. The shares that don’t have heirlooms will have delicious red slicers and we will try again next week to get EVERYONE an heirloom or two. Our apologies for the change up, but we’d rather you get a quality tomato than one that is subpar.


Red Cabbage: Whether you are receiving red cabbage in the family share or green in the mini shares, it’s the perfect time to a make a giant slaw to enjoy during this next heatwave. Pickled red cabbage is another way to enjoy it. I like pickling a head of red cabbage and adding it to fish tacos or on top of sandwiches for an extra pop of flavor.


There you have it! A very full box of fresh goodies for you to all enjoy this week. Stay cool and have a great week.


Happy cooking,