Welcome to week 9! The share this week is full of items that are perfect for fresh salsas, tacos, and a few great afternoon snacks. I’ll be completely honest that the majority of my share will likely be heading to a friend as my time at home this week is limited. Farmer Jerry’s mother (my grandmother) passed away last week, so with family in town and extra familial obligations this week my time at home for cooking will be limited. Don’t worry though, I won’t leave you hanging. I’ve made sure to come up with some great ways for you to cook your way through the share this week. Let’s dive in!


Sweet Corn: This might be the perfect week for you to give grilled corn a try. Simply place the corn on the grill for about 20-25 minutes turning at about the 10-minute mark. A couple of ears can be enjoyed for dinner, but try saving 2-3 ears of corn for fresh salsa! Cut the corn off of the cob and store in an airtight container if you don’t plan on making salsa the same night. Some things you can add to your corn salsa: tomatoes, garlic, onions, any type of pepper, cilantro, avocado, black beans, lime juice, and maybe even some cotija cheese.


Sugar Cube Melon: These are an absolute treat! Enjoyed best when cold in my opinion, I like to add some cottage cheese to the center and eat it for a morning snack or even a late night treat.


Green Beans: Sauteed green beans with garlic butter is a fantastic way to enjoy the beans this week. I personally like to steam the green beans and then sauté with the garlic butter for the last 10 minutes or so.


Garlic: A little garlic for salsa and a little garlic for the green beans. I personally like to roast the garlic all at once so that I can easily grab it from the fridge when I need it. To make the garlic butter I just take a couple of cloves and blend it with a few tablespoons of butter. Not only is this great with green beans, but it’s perfect for potatoes too!


Chub Cukes: A fresh batch of pickles sounds fantastic if you are feeling adventurous. Otherwise, simply slicing and enjoying them for snacks throughout the day is a favorite way to use these up.


Roma Tomatoes: San Marzanos are the perfect tomato for fresh salsa! Slice and dice with some onion, a jalapeno for a little kick, cilantro if you have it, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Enjoy on top of tacos or as a great appetizer on the deck with friends.


Onions: Added to salsas, grilled for burgers, or enjoyed raw on sandwiches, both the red and yellow offer great flavor additions to a variety of meals.


Tomatillos: Roasted or raw, you can’t go wrong. A no-cook tomatillo salsa if perfect if you want to create a salsa trio for enjoyment this week! No-cook tomatillo salsa, a fresh pico de gallo salsa, and a corn salsa……you’ll be sure to have a salsa for everyone! You can also roast the tomatillos for a roasted tomatillo salsa that is great with chicken or on top of enchiladas. Experiment with these and let me know what you think!


Jalapenos: These aren’t too spicy, so don’t worry! They do offer a little bit of heat, but nothing outrageous. If you don’t do spicy, try cooking the jalapenos in something like the Jalapeno Popper Chicken recipe. Cooking the jalapenos definitely takes a bit of the bite out.


Romaine: Enjoy the taste of fresh lettuce again! Perfect for dinner salads or even the perfect amount for taco salads with all of the fresh salsa you’ll be making.


Strawberries: To the friend who I give my box to this week, I’m sorry but the strawberries will probably be gone before the box makes it to your house. Please remember that fresh-picked, homegrown strawberries are not meant to keep. They are meant to be used as soon as possible. The best way to keep the berries is to wash, slice, and store in a Tupperware container. Try to enjoy them within a couple of days to get the best flavor out of them.


There you have it, Week #9! While I will miss enjoying a bunch of chips and salsa this week, I hope you all enjoy some time in the kitchen dreaming up fun ways to enjoy all of your fresh produce.


Until next week,