Today’s share is full of color and flavor, that’s for sure. As we creep towards fall, we are harvesting more and more produce, giving our CSA shares a larger variety of produce each week. It’s always fun to start eating locally grown produce mid-June when it becomes available, but late August and into September is truly the BEST time to enjoy locally grown produce. The options are almost endless, giving you a larger variety to choose from.


Now is also the time to start canning or preserving if that is your thing! Whether you can a box of peaches to enjoy throughout the cold, winter months, or you turn a half bushel of tomatoes into salsa or spaghetti sauce, now is the time to start thinking about it. The sweet corn is perfect for freezing right now as well, so grab a couple of friends and give canning or preserving a try. I’ll include a few recipes at the bottom of this post to help you out!


Ok, back to the share that you are receiving today. There are so many flavors and colors to enjoy! Let’s take a look at some fun options for this week.


Sweet Corn: As always, you can boil or grill the corn and enjoy it on the cob. Another fun way to enjoy the sweet corn is to cut it off the cob and sauté it with some onions and diced up sweet Italian peppers. This little mixture is perfect for burrito bowls or as a nice side dish to enjoy alongside your choice of protein. A friendly reminder: please enjoy the corn earlier in the week if possible. While it will hold its flavor, sweet corn should be enjoyed as close to the day it was harvested as possible.


Baby Red Potatoes: Boiled, grilled, air fried, the opportunities are endless. Turning these into a nice potato salad is another great option! This potato salad is a favorite and quite easy to toss together and enjoy throughout the week.


Red Torpedo Onion: I love some red onions in my burrito bowls, which are on the menu for this week. Sliced, diced, and sauted for the bowls, I’ll likely add the other half to my pickled onion from last week. I’ll just add a bit more vinegar to the jar and call it good. Did anyone else give the pickled onions a try?


Tomatillos & Jalapenos: A batch of green salsa would be a quick and easy option to use up the tomatillos and jalapenos this week, but a CSA member brought a Tomatillo Chicken Stew recipe to my attention that also sounds amazing. While it isn’t necessarily stew weather in my mind yet, I could go for a bowl of it and then freeze the rest for enjoyment later this fall. Grabbing soup from the freezer is always a win, isn’t it?


Roma Tomatoes: The perfect amount for a fresh batch of Pico de Gallo salsa! Sliced romas, some red onion, a jalapeno, maybe even a little cilantro and you have yourself a delicious fresh salsa. These tomatoes also make great sandwich toppers as they aren’t full of liquid.


Basil: The first thing I’ll be doing when I get home today is whipping up a quick batch of pesto. A very large bunch of basil is included, so maybe I’ll make two batches…we will see. While I know I won’t be able to enjoy the pesto all at once, I like to freeze it in ice cube trays to enjoy at a later date. If you are using the recipe I included in the weekly newsletter, remember to omit the cheese when freezing.


Mini Bell Peppers: Bright and colorful, these peppers make a great afternoon snack. I like to wash these up right away and portion them into baggies so I can grab them as I am on the run. It really makes healthy eating a bit easier when everything is prepped and ready to go.


Turnips: Almost another you do with potatoes, you can do with turnips. Personally, I do like the flavor of turnips so I will likely roast them and enjoy them alongside lunches and dinners this week. You can always mix the turnips and potatoes together for a much milder taste.


Grape Tomatoes: I will save a little bit of basil to make a fresh Caprese salad with these grape tomatoes. Otherwise, these tomatoes are perfect for adding to a dinner salad with fresh lettuce, or they make another great afternoon snack. Typically, these are my go-to item as I am cooking dinner each night.


Lettuce: Personally, I always think salads taste better when someone else makes them for me, but if I have to make my own, then I will be making a salad in a giant bowl. One of my biggest pet peeves is eating a salad in a small bowl… are you supposed to mix it up? There are so many items in this week’s share that will make great salad toppers. Enjoy the fresh lettuce while you can.


Sweet Italian Peppers: I used my peppers in a steak burrito bowl last week and they were phenomenal. I think I will be doing the same this week. Remember, these aren’t spicy, they are sweet and crunchy. Enjoy them raw for a mid-morning snack, or add them to a stir fry for a delicious pop of flavor.


Sugar Cube Melon: This won’t last long in my house. Whether it’s eaten for dessert or breakfast, it truly is a special treat.


There you have it, hopefully some fun and easy ways to cook your way through the box this week. As I mentioned before, I wanted to include some recipes that might be helpful in freezing or preserving produce this season.


Canning Tomatoes Made Easy!


Easy Frozen Sweet Corn


Enjoy your week,