The final days of summer are upon us. Some people are soaking up the last few days of summer in the sun, at the cabin, or out and about preparing for the next season. Some schools have begun, with the majority starting next week. It’s that season of transition. There is something about flipping the calendar from August to September that just says fall. It just so happens that the weather has been cooler and a bit more crisp in the morning, making the transition from summer to fall a natural progression.


Although the calendar is telling us that the seasons will be changing soon, the shares this week aren’t quite there. We still have an abundance of summer produce. It’s important to remember that the end of August, beginning of September is truly the height of harvest season. We’re still in full summer mode on the farm, but fall is knocking on the door. Soon pumpkins and squash will take over our parking lot and we will be teeter-tottering between summer and fall.


The share this week is still full-on summer mode, with a sprinkle of fall in the form of Oneida Gold Potatoes and fennel. Let’s dive in and take a look at the share this week.


Sweet Corn: Another offering of State Fair Sweet Corn! Enjoy sweet corn while you can, as there are only a few weeks left of sweet corn season. With the extreme heat this summer, we are harvesting plantings slated for early to mid-September. If you are looking to freeze sweet corn, now is the time to do it! Sweet corn and burgers are on the menu at my house this week. The rest of the corn will be added to a stir fry with potatoes and onions….yum!


Honeydew: This is the smooth melon in your share. Once cut, the inside is light green. I highly recommend eating this melon before the cantaloupe, as it has a shorter shelf life. Cut the melon and place in a Tupperware for a great afternoon snack. If you want an extra special treat, grab a lime and sprinkle it with salt and lime juice before eating. Enjoy!


Infinite Gold Cantaloupe: A cantaloupe that has a bit longer shelf life than other varieties, this melon offers a great cantaloupe flavor. Again, a perfect afternoon snack or if you are headed to the cabin this weekend, melon makes a great snack on the boat.


Grape Tomatoes: The best finger food around. These make a fantastic topping for an evening dinner salad. If you are looking for something different, try slicing in half and serving alongside some green beans for a delicious dinner side dish. A Caprese salad this weekend would be another fun option to enjoy these tasty treats.


Green Beans: A helping of tender green beans. Sauteed and served with a bit of butter and salt alongside roasted chicken is the plan for these this week.


Zucchini: The perfect amount for stir fry this week. Sliced and diced with some sweet corn, sliced onions, and maybe even a few potatoes. I could truly eat this almost every day. Add some type of protein to it and you are set.


Heirloom Tomatoes: Perfect for a BLT or even a tomato platter for any gatherings you may have this upcoming holiday weekend. While some are ugly in nature, the flavor is outstanding.


Fennel: With a slight anise aroma and flavor, fennel reminds me of fall. Roasted with potatoes, this is one of those meals that is perfect for a cool evening or when you just want some comfort food. Served alongside a pork tenderloin or pork chop, the fennel is a great compliment!


Oneida Gold Potatoes: Golden in color, these potatoes are great for boiling, mashing, roasting, or frying. Roasted potatoes and fennel is on my meal plan for the week, but I always like to take a potato or two and boil it, dice it up and stick it in the fridge. I can then grab it and fry it up with some stir fry later in the week for a quick and easy meal.


Bibb Lettuce: It’s so nice to be back into homegrown lettuce! The flavor is spectacular and I truly find myself eating more of it, because it just tastes better. This variety is of no exception. Whether you are adding it to sandwiches or making a giant salad, it’s perfect.


There you have it, week #11! After today, we have 6 weeks left, but oh so much variety! Apples will be starting next week, and squash soon after that. Not to worry, there are plenty of summer offerings remaining. We will do our best to blend the seasons and continue providing shares that are full of variety. Have a great holiday weekend!