While I’m not headed back to school, the beginning of September always is a great time to reset and get back into a regular routine. Whether that is a fitness routine, meal prep and planning, or just taking some time to reorganize and declutter your home, this cooler weather has definitely helped motivate me to do a little reset at home. A reset for me means that I spend a little bit more time in the kitchen ensuring that my meals are planned for the entire week. Yes, I said it, the entire week!


Just like you, I figure out what I will be getting in my share each Saturday morning. Some point between Saturday morning and Sunday evening, I make a plan. What am I going to do with what is in my share? What do I need from the grocery store? Am I actually going to the store, or am I getting groceries delivered. I’ll be honest, it is usually grocery delivery so I can get more done around the house.


My plan is never elaborate as I know that won’t work for me. I know that cooking 4 or 5 different meals is likely not going to happen. If that works for you, awesome, more power to you! I do know that I can spend an hour or two on Sunday afternoons preparing portions of my meals for the week to make mealtime during the week much easier. This often looks like cooking my proteins, or at least prepping them. This weekend, I batch cooked a ton of chicken. In less than an hour, I had enough chicken prepped for 5 different meals throughout the week.


I will take the chicken I cooked and add in a variety of vegetables to switch up meals this week. One evening may be a chicken fajita bowl with onions and sweet Italian peppers, while lunch the next day may be sauteed kale, chicken, and fresh tomatoes. This way of cooking allows me to make sure I am using up my veggies, but also getting a meal on the table in a short amount of time!


With that little background of how I use my share, let’s take a look at what we can create from the items in the share this week.


SweeTango Apples: If you have some kiddos at home, these make a great addition to the lunchbox. Otherwise, these apples are perfect for slicing and enjoying midafternoon or a snack or even dessert. Slicing an apple and dipping it in peanut butter or enjoying it with some white cheddar cheese is a great afternoon snack.


Chestnut Crab Apples: These tiny treats are bursting with flavor. Again, the ultimate addition to a lunchbox as you get back into the routine of packing lunches for school or work.


Onions: The red onion would be perfect for slicing thinly and mixing with some diced-up tomatoes, maybe even a cucumber, and some fresh chopped dill. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, add a drizzle of olive oil and you have yourself a fantastic salad. The yellow onion will go perfectly with the sweet Italian peppers if you are adding some fajitas or stir fry to your meal plan for the week.


Potatoes: These are one of the things that I like to dice up, roast in the oven, and enjoy throughout the week. You can always make them crisp again by tossing them in a frying pan or an air fryer if you have one. Otherwise, a potato salad with the fresh dill is an amazing option.


Sweet Italian Peppers: Snacking, fajitas, tacos, or stuffed, these peppers are super versatile. To keep things simple, I will be slicing all of mine and sauteing them with an onion or two so I can make a few different fajita or taco bowls throughout the week. Stuffed peppers is another option! A really simple option is to slice the peppers the long way, clean out the inside and stuff with a mixture of ricotta cheese and crispy bacon. These are super easy to make, but are excellent for dinner or an appetizer.


Poblano peppers: With the cooler weather, stuffed peppers sound fantastic right now. This Southwest Stuffed Poblano Pepper recipe is quick and easy, perfect for a busy day!


Acorn Squash: You can get really fancy and find a recipe for stuffed acorn squash, but I like to keep it simple. Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Bake at 350 for about an hour until you can pierce the skin with a fork. I add a little butter and salt, but you an always sub the salt for brown sugar if that is more your thing. This squash will keep for several weeks, so there is no rush in cooking it right away!


Personal Watermelon: This watermelon will be gone quite quickly. It makes the perfect dessert. Simply cut the watermelon in half and enjoy!


Slicing Tomatoes: Tomato salad with red onions and feta cheese is one great way to switch up the way you enjoy your tomatoes. Otherwise, diced and served alongside roasted kale is another great option.


Fresh Dill: Another experiment for us on the farm this year. A large bunch of dill is perfect for a variety of adventures in the kitchen. Adding fresh dill to a salad is a fun way to use it. Sprinkling over freshly boiled or roasted potatoes is another. I like to mix some fresh dill with mayo and spread that on some salmon before sticking it in the oven. You can always hang the dill upside down and dry it for use later this winter!


Kale: Sauteed and added to a veggie bowl of some sort is how I’ll be using my kale this week. It makes a great addition to a morning smoothie as well. Braised kale with fresh tomatoes is another great option.


Kohlrabi: A slaw that can be added to a veggie bowl is likely how I will use mine this week. Simply shred the kohlrabi with a grater or food processor and mix with some fresh lime juice and maybe some shredded carrots and cabbage. You can roast it with your potatoes or add it to a stir fry too!


There you have it, some fun and fairly easy ways to enjoy the entirety of your share this week. Hopefully with the cooler temps you will find yourself back in the kitchen cooking a bit more these days!


Have a great week,