The temperature was a bit brisk as I walked outside at 2:30am today. As I walked into the packing shed where CSA packing had already begun, you could see the difference these cooler temperatures have made for all of our employees. Everyone is a bit more relaxed and although the hours remain long, the absence of heat and humidity is much appreciated by just about everyone. Shares are rolling down the line, being filled with the bounty that is Week 13.


Week 13 highlights some great summer items, but fall is definitely creeping in. With only four weeks remaining after today, the offerings are beginning to shift. It’s the collision of seasons on our farm, and some of our summer favorites will be only memories in the coming days and weeks. Let’s dive into today’s share and see what can be whipped up in the kitchen this week.


SweeTango Apples: The flavor has been outstanding, making these a great go-to option for an afternoon pick me up. If you want to switch it up a bit, some homemade apple sauce or apple crisp are great go-to options to use up the apple supply this week.


Salsa Pack: Onion, Habaneros, Jalapenos. This salsa pack is meant to be used with the cilantro and tomatoes for an awesome salsa. If the habaneros and jalapenos are a bit too spicy for you, I recommend roasting them in the oven, let them cool, chop, place in small freezer bags so you can add small amounts to chili or other soups and stews this winter. A friendly reminder to wear some gloves when you are handling the habaneros just as a precaution!


Fresh Cilantro: A perfect amount for some fresh salsa that can be added to tacos, nachos, or just eaten with chips. If you don’t plan on making salsa this week, you can also turn the cilantro into chimichurri sauce that is amazing over steak or even some potatoes!


Fingerling Potatoes: Roasted and then mixed together some with sauteed sweet corn and a little bit of sauteed onion is how I’ll be enjoying mine this week. I like to cook this up on Tuesday evening so I can grab some each day for lunch of dinner. I then add some chicken, fish, or other protein to it to make it a quick and easy meal.


Delicata Squash: The sweetest of all squash varieties is here for you today. I like to keep it simple. Slice the long way, remove the seeds, and bake face down at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. I add a little bit of butter, salt, and pepper for the perfect dinner option. As always you can stuff the squash with a plethora of things, but I like to enjoy this one as is. It’s sweet, smooth, and leaves you wanting more.


Sugar Cube Melon: The ultimate dessert option! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ice cream, but I’m pretty certain my trainer would rather have me eating melon and cottage cheese for dessert rather than ice cream. Enjoy this sweet treat as the season is slowly coming to an end.


Radishes: Sliced on salads or roasted for a delicious side dish, enjoy a subtle taste of fall. I’ll make sure to include some roasted radish recipes as the bottom for your enjoyment.


Sweet Corn: Late in the season, but still full of flavor! Burgers and corn make a great dinner on a busy evening. Otherwise, I enjoy cutting the corn off the cob and mixing with some potatoes for a great side dish that reheats quite well. Remember, you can always cook the corn in whichever fashion you choose, cut it off the cob, and place it in a freezer bag so you can add it to some chili, soup, or stir fry on a cold winter day.


Lettuce: A giant salad for lunch, a small side salad for dinner, taco salad, a perfect sandwich topping, the opportunities go on and on. I find myself eating more salads when there is fresh lettuce as the flavor is so much better than stuff you buy at the store. Don’t get me wrong, I buy store bought lettuce regularly, but this homegrown lettuce is a treat!


There you have it, Week 13! As everyone gets into their new fall routines, I hope you find some time to spend in the kitchen this week so you can enjoy everything in your share.






Apple Crisp

Potato & Corn Chowder: sub the Yukon golds for a generous helping of fingerling potatoes and the canned corn for some fresh sweet corn.

Smashed Fingerling Potatoes

Roasted Radishes with Ranch

Radish Salad