Let’s pause a moment and ask ourselves, “how is it August already?” Each year summer seems to go faster and faster, and I just can’t wrap my head around it. I find myself trying to get in as many summer activities as possible. Time at the pool, a weekend at the cabin (which hasn’t happened yet), and of course enjoying patios across town are always highlights of the summer. Some have been accomplished, others have not, but I remind myself there are a few more weeks and fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors as well!


After getting the CSA shares out the door, strawberry orders organized and tackling my mile-long to-do list, I am heading out of town this evening. A brief get-away with some college friends will be the perfect reset to finish this busy season strong! While I will take a few items from the share with me, most likely I will be gifting the majority of the items to friends or neighbors. Add that to my to-do list….give CSA items away before leaving.


While I won’t be using everything this week, I have some fabulous options to help you cook your way through the share this week. As we head into August, it is truly the best part of the Minnesota growing season. We are harvesting a wide variety of produce, giving you a wide selection of items in your shares each week. Let’s dive in and take a look at this week’s share:


Sweet Corn: This sweet corn is phenomenal! The bite is superb, making me want to eat it every night. Each week, I like to eat a cob or two on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Since it is just me, I like to cook all of the corn and turn the rest into stir fry. I mix the corn with onions, peppers, potatoes…really any vegetable I have cooked in my fridge. Remember, you can always cook it, cut it off the cob, and freeze it! Simply throw it in a freezer bag and add it to chili or soups this winter. It’s a great way to not let it go to waste.


Baby Red Potatoes: Yum! These are truly the best. Whether you boil and serve mashed with some butter, or grill them with the onion in your share this week, you can taste the difference between store bought potatoes and freshly dug ones. One of my favorite ways to enjoy potatoes is to boil and mash, but then sauté with some fresh sweet corn in a pan for just a couple of minutes. The corn and potatoes together is delicious!


Green & Yellow Beans: A fun mix of hand harvested beans, I can’t get enough of these. Keep things simple and enjoy these steamed. If you want to get a little fancy, whip together some butter and fresh cut basil. Toss the beans in the basil whipped butter for a delicious addition to dinner this week.


Salsa Pack: I’m bummed to be missing out on this week! A fresh batch of salsa verde is always perfect for topping chicken or adding to tacos. Honestly, I don’t even follow a recipe anymore. I roast the tomatillos until a bit charred and then toss them in my blender with a couple cloves of roasted garlic and sometimes half an onion. Yes, you can add a jalapeno (roasted or raw), for an added punch! Season with a bit a salt and even a squeeze of lime juice. Try using this on top of chicken enchiladas…yum!


Epicurean Delight Onion: I ate onion on top of a burger last weekend and OMG, it was so good. I like onions, but it was exceptionally mild and added the perfect bit of crunch. Sauté part of the onion and add to a potato and sweet corn stir fry, or dice and add to potato and onion foil packs on the grill. A versatile, yet extremely flavorful addition to any meal.


Basil: When we got the sample cutting of basil to figure out how to arrange the shares this week, our office smelled glorious! It is extremely fragrant and tastes even better. Remember that basil is super fragile and doesn’t like cold temperatures. Enjoy some fresh basil with your green beans and tomatoes this week, and use the rest to make a great batch of pesto. Remember that you can freeze pesto and enjoy it this winter. It doesn’t take long, but you’ll be enjoying it for months to come.


Tomatoes: A fresh tomato salad with basil and some mozzarella cheese is a perfect way to use multiple items from your share this week. Or, a BLT with sliced green pepper would be amazing as well!


Green Peppers: Crunchy and sweet, these make a great afternoon snack. If raw peppers aren’t your thing, add them to a stir fry. Try potatoes, onion, corn, and green peppers all cooked together. It’s delicious! These also make a great salad or sandwich topper as well.


Sugar Cube Cantaloupe: This one definitely threw us for a loop this week. We weren’t expecting to be able to get these into shares this week, but at 3pm on Monday we decided we needed to send them since they ripened faster than expected. So, back to the drawing board we rearranged the shares and snuck one in. I like to eat my melon in 2 sittings. That means I just cut it in half, scoop out the middle, and usually add cottage cheese to it. It’s truly the perfect dessert or afternoon snack. Please remember that we are unable to see inside the melon. We never purposefully send a bad one, but if yours happens to be bad, let us know and we will do our best to get you a new one. Someday there may be technology to see what the inside is like, but it’s not available yet.


Colorado Peaches: These are definitely coming with me on vacation…sorry whoever I give my share to this week! Sweet and delicious, I may not even want to share them with my friends. These will need to ripen a few days, so let them sit on your counter until they yield to a bit of pressure.


And there you have it, some fun ideas for Week 7. I hope you all enjoy your shares this week!