Welcome to Week #8! The share this week is full of some of my favorite items, along with some that will challenge me in the kitchen as well. After a few days away with friends, I’m excited to get back into my kitchen and cook real food again.


After a few days off, I always like to make sure I am going to be home for the next week as I am usually playing catch up with work and life. It is no different right now, which means that I will be home most nights to cook my way through the share this week. Let’s dive in and transform this week’s share from fresh produce to delicious meal options.


Sweet Corn: With 6 ears of corn in the family share, I typically like to split it up into three different meals. Since work starts at 3am on Tuesdays for me, I like to keep dinner quick and easy on Tuesday nights once I get home. 2 ears of corn will be cut off the cob and sauteed with a zucchini and Cipollini onion for a great stir fry. I’ll top it with shrimp or chicken to complete the meal, as well as have leftovers for Wednesday’s lunch. The rest of the corn will be enjoyed alongside dinner or I’ll take 10 minutes to freeze it. Cutting the corn off the cob and tossing it into a freezer bag is a great way to make sure you can enjoy it at a later date. I like to add it to chili, soups, and stews when it is cold and snowy outside.


Romano Beans: Well, I could eat these as a meal itself, but since I’m told I should balance my meals, I’m going to turn these into a great side dish to enjoy with dinners and lunches this week. The Romano Beans with Mustard Vinaigrette recipe included in the newsletter sounds divine. If you want to keep it a bit more simple, just boil the beans for 8-10 minutes and finish with a little butter and salt.


Shishito Peppers: As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods, but I love the shishito peppers. I’ll split my peppers into two meals. One evening I will toss half of the peppers in a bit of olive oil and salt and put them in the air fryer. This is a great way to cook them quickly, but they also turn out awesome! I like to top them with a bit of sweet chili sauce and enjoy alongside chicken wings for an easy dinner. The other batch will be turned into the Shishito Pepper Dip that can be enjoyed with friends for a low-key weekend gathering.


Strawberries: Wash, cut, eat. I’ll eat these as dessert and probably add a few to my yogurt in the morning. These won’t last long and aren’t meant to hold for long periods. If your berries are slightly bruised from the rain, toss them into the blender and make a strawberry sauce perfect for ice cream or even pancakes!


Canary Melon: This melon will make a great afternoon snack throughout the week. I’ll cut it up and place in a container in the fridge. Sprinkle with a little dash of fresh lime juice and salt for the ultimate melon experience. Add a piece of prosciutto on the side and you have a quick and easy snack.


Carrots: Roasted is always my favorite way to enjoy the carrots. I’ll wash these up on Tuesday when I get home and toss them in the oven until soft. Having some cooked veggies like carrots in the fridge makes lunches a breeze throughout the week as I am on the run.

Cipollini Onions: Caramelized and added to a small batch of the Romano Beans is a great way to utilize these delicious beauties. You can always grill these and enjoy them with sauteed zucchini and eggplant as well.


Eggplant: I’m not a huge pasta fan in the summer months, but sometimes there is nothing better than a comforting pasta with a fresh Bolognese sauce. Dice the eggplant into small pieces along with two zucchini and maybe even an onion. Cook the veggies down and add fresh or canned crushed tomatoes to make a fabulous fresh sauce that will go perfectly with pasta. Finish it off with a bit of fresh basil or Parmesan cheese.


Zucchini: Between the pasta sauce and stir fry, my zucchini are all spoken for this week! If you are running out of ways to enjoy zucchini, remember you can always freeze it. I’ll include some additional zucchini recipes at the end of this post to inspire more creations as well.


Tomatoes: Lately, I have been enjoying my tomatoes diced and added to a tuna or chicken salad at lunchtime. I cherish these special treats as I know we only get to enjoy the true tomato taste a few months out of the year.


There you have it, another week down! We continue to work hard to make sure the boxes are full with variety for you each week. Still to come are more melons, apples will be starting soon, and we will be back to some cool weather crops as we march ahead into the fall. Week 8 is about the half way point of the CSA program, but some of the best things are yet to come!

A few additional recipes for you to check out this week:


Have a fabulous week,