Here we are in the middle of August. I truly can’t believe how fast this summer has gone! Several of my employees this week notified me they will be leaving for school within the next few days and weeks to come….how is that possible? Each year it seems to go faster and faster, and I really don’t like that.


Fruit and peppers are the theme of this week’s share! I do have to say that if you have the time this week, try making Chile Rellenos with your poblano peppers. Having Hispanic employees who live at the farm, I have grown up enjoying this special treat as they would occasionally make them for our family. I took it into my own hands this weekend and spent Saturday afternoon making a large batch to share with Farmer Jerry and others at the farm. They are definitely a labor of love, but are delicious. 12 of the 12 I made turned out perfectly, and my smoke alarm only went off once. A bit of advice, open a window or door as you char the peppers, or better yet, try charring them on the grill instead of in the oven! This is the recipe I used for the peppers, and this is the recipe I used for the Salsa Roja. A few pictures are included to document the process as well.


The share this week truly has endless possibilities and I hope my suggestions influence some creativity in the kitchen this week. Let’s dive in!


Kale: Kale chips are usually my go-to, but I think I am going to sauté all of my kale at one time with some olive oil and garlic salt. I like to rip all the leaves from the stalks, massage with oil, sprinkle with salt, and toss into a large frying pan. I cook it down and enjoy it topped with some type of protein such as steak or chicken.


Baby Red Potatoes: Parboiled and then fried with some cipollini onions, this is a divine combination. I like to boil the potatoes until they are almost all the way cooked. I then drain and rinse them before adding them to a frying pan that contains some butter and the caramelized cipollinis. This is a perfect addition to burgers on the grill.


Cipollini Onions: I’ll definitely be using two onions with the baby red potatoes this week. I will likely add a couple of others to some kabobs on the grill this weekend. These are incredibly mild and can be added to just about anything without an overpowering flavor.


Sweet Italian Peppers: Bright and colorful, you can do so many different things with these peppers. Slice in rings and sauté with some onions for a great fajita mix. Add in a poblano pepper and you are really set. Otherwise, you can always try stuffing the peppers with ricotta cheese and bacon for a great appetizer.


Poblano Peppers: Like I said earlier, give Chile Rellenos a try! If those sound like too much work, these are perfect for stuffed peppers as they aren’t too spicy at all…..just remember to remove all the seeds. This Chicken and White Bean Stuffed Pepper recipe is a favorite of mine and would taste great in the poblano peppers. If you can’t get to using all these peppers this week, simply chop them up and toss them in a freezer bag so you can add them to chili this winter.


Jalapenos: I’m not a huge jalapeno fan as I can’t tolerate a lot of heat, but as I used a couple of jalapenos this weekend in the Salsa Roja recipe I made, I was pleasantly surprised by how mild they are. I recommend adding one to a fresh batch of salsa, or I might even grab a couple more this week and make a batch of Jalapeno poppers this coming weekend.


Red Onion: Pickled onions are perfect for adding to a salad or sandwich and I rarely take the time to make them. The first thing I’ll do with my share this week when I get home is pickle the onion. It takes all of 5 minutes, but the results are delicious and will last a week or two!


Beans: While there are fancy things you can do with the bean mixture, I like to keep things simple and will probably just steam the beans and top them with a bit of butter and salt. You can always try making a light vinaigrette to top your beans with as well. If you try something new, let me know!


Colorado Peaches: I picked up some prosciutto this weekend so that I could have a special snack this week. A ripe peach alongside a piece or two of prosciutto is a divine snack! While peach crisp also sounds delicious, these peaches are just too good in my opinion to turn into a baked good.


Sugar Cube Melon: As soon as I am done writing this post this morning, I’m going to go cut my melon and fill half of it with cottage cheese for breakfast. I’ll likely save the other half for a snack tomorrow afternoon, enjoying it the same way. Enjoy these delicious melons while you can, as we just don’t get this type of flavor in the winter.


There you have it, some helpful tips to cook your way through the box this week. Be on the lookout for an email later today with a special sweet corn offer for all CSA members!

Before I sign off, I’ll share a few extra recipes that you might enjoy this week:


Have a great week!