Our Brussels sprouts are started by us from seed and transplanted in July to try and avoid the heat which can deliver a ‘hot’ tasting sprout. We wait to harvest until a few light frosts have brushed the plants, which sweetens the sprouts. We then hand harvest and deliver a stem of sprouts directly to our stands and CSA shares, allowing our customers to actually ‘snap’ a sprout fresh off the stem!

Prep and Storage

  • Clip sprouts off stalk and refrigerate unwashed sprouts in a plastic bag.
  • Best if used fresh, but can be stored for 4 days.

How to use

  • Trim tough bottom part of sprout and discard any yellowing leaves.
  • Leave small sprouts whole, but cut larger sprouts into halves or quarters to shorten cooking time.
  • Do not overcook, sprouts can become mushy. Steam or roast sprouts for 5-8 min.
  • Pairs well with olive oil, bacon, potatoes, and nuts.


Brussels Sprouts Chips

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

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