We begin seeding our cantaloupe in April, keeping them warm in our greenhouses until transplanting in late May. Some of our varieties are grown vertically in our high tunnels with drip irrigation and black plastic mulch, virtually eliminating the need for herbicides while giving us a clean, sweet, firm fruit. With good luck, harvest begins in late July and continues to mid-September.

Prep and Storage

  • Choose cantaloupe that gives slightly when pressed at the stem end with a strong, sweet fragrance
  • Cantaloupe should be heavy for its size, and free of deep blemishes or soft areas
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to a week

How to Use

  • Cut melon in half, scoop out and toss the seeds. Scoop flesh out with a melon baller, or remove rind and cut into chunks
  • Use fresh as part of a salad or on their own, or puree and freeze for use in the winter in smoothies


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