Our slicing and chub cucumbers are grown in our high tunnels on our rich sandy soils, consistently watered with drip irrigation. They are trained to climb netting and strings so we are able to provide our customers with mark-free, bitterness-free, wax-free, tasty fruits. Both varieties of cucumbers are wonderful with salads or eaten fresh, but our chub cucumbers are perfect for pickling and preserving. Planted in the spring, these cucumbers are available all season long, from mid-June into October.

Prep and Storage

  • No need to peel, our cucumbers are not waxed. Just rinse to remove any possible grit.
  • Cucumbers store best at 45-50 degrees, but refrigeration is necessary to retain moisture.
  • Use the whole cucumber quickly, cut cucumbers deteriorate quickly

How to use

  • Cucumbers are best fresh, sliced on sandwiches, in salads, or served as a snack all on their own.
  • Chub cucumbers are best for pickling. Quarter the larger cucumbers into spears, and leave the smaller cucumbers whole.
  • Try quartering larger chub cucumbers and dip in hummus for a healthy and cool snack.


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