All of our raspberries are produced in our high tunnels, which deliver stress free, high brix berries time after time.¬†Trained to grow upward within the constraints of our trellises, they’re pollinated by our bumblebees who live in the berry rows. The plants produce generously. Covered by the tunnels during cold or rainy periods, and open to the sun on warm days, these berries remain free of spoilage, bug damage, and are lusciously sweet.¬†

Prep and Storage

  • Raspberries are a tender fruit. Once home, get them in a single layer and refrigerate. Wash when ready to use.

How to Use

  • Can be easily frozen for use in smoothies or syrups in winter
  • Freeze berries into your ice cubes to use in summer beverages such as iced tea, flavored water, or sangria


Raspberry Vinaigrette

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