From our June bearing open fields to our day neutral varieties growing in our high tunnels, or strawberries are always a superior product. Using straw mulch between plants and rows, along with using drop irrigation to avoid getting the foliage or fruit wet, helps to keep our berries clean and soil free. Our berries are hand-picked ripe, and should be used within a day or two to enjoy the best flavor they have to offer.

Prep and Storage

  • Store berries in a single layer in your refrigerator, wash only once ready to use
  • Use quickly, within a few days, as our berries are picked ripe and ready to eat

How to Use

  • Slice and toss with a small amount of sugar, set aside for 30 min, an use as toppings for desserts
  • Make into jam or jelly
  • Wash and clean berries, freeze whole berries on a cookie sheet, use as ice cubes for summer beverages or puree in smoothies


Firecracker Ice Pops

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Bars