Grown near the North Fork of the Crow River, where the soil is ideal, our watermelons are one of the most anticipated fruits of the summer. Our honeybees, one hive per acre, pollinate all our vines in the early summer months. Drip irrigation, raised beds, and crop rotation all contribute to the wonderful flavor of our Black Diamond watermelons. You can expect to see our Black Diamonds at our markets in early August.

Prep and Storage

  • Choose melons that feel heavy for their size, with a firm rind
  • Hollow Heart is common in melons, it does not affect flavor, just sweetness
  • Whole melon can be stored on the counter for 3-5 days, once cut melon should be stored in the refrigerator

How to Use

  • Slice and enjoy fresh or in salads
  • Puree and freeze in ice cube trays to use in keeping summer beverages cold


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