We welcome Week 8 with some fun new additions to the shares this week! Watermelon, potatoes, green beans, summer is definitely in full swing. I know that I have started to fill my calendar with as many summer activities I can over the next few weeks because it just goes too fast. Whether you are into meal prepping or simply cooking on the fly, the share this week gives you lots of options for fun and creative meals or some great meals with some favorite staples like green beans and potatoes. Let’s dive into Week 8 and check it out:


Sweet Corn: I have been enjoying corn sauteed with a variety of vegetables lately. Cut off the cob and sauteed with zucchini, onions, potatoes, and anything else you want to throw in there. It’s truly a great summertime meal. Don’t get me wrong, its fantastic boiled or grilled as well!


Shallots: Sliced and satueed in some butter and then added to a giant helping of green beans, there really isn’t anything better in my mind. Much milder than onions, shallots can easily be subbed in for onions. Not only can you cook them, but if you make your own salad dressings, shallots are a great addition if you are looking for a little extra flavor.


Green Beans: They are finally here! Steamed and then sauteed briefly with some shallots, this is a meal in itself. Served with a fresh BLT, this is one of the best summertime meals in my opinion.


Baby Red Potatoes: The first potatoes of the season are here. Albeit a bit dirty, simply scrub, cut and boil. Mashed with some crispy shallots on top, you won’t be disappointed. These are also great for dicing and roasting as well. I love to chop them up, toss in a bit of olive oil and roast until crispy. If I don’t finish them all at night, they are great reheated and served with eggs in the morning.


Kohlrabi: A slaw is a great way to enjoy kohlrabi! This recipe is one of my favorites as it isn’t too sweet and pretty easy to throw together. Enjoyed alongside a sandwich at lunch or with fish or shrimp tacos, this is an excellent way to use up your kohlrabi. If you don’t love kohlrabi, but don’t want it to go to waste, try dicing it up and roasting with potatoes. You likely won’t even notice the difference between the two.


Zucchini: A couple of zucchini for a variety of cooking adventures. One of the zucchinis from my share will go to the Summer Panzanella recipe I have linked below, and the other two will probably be turned into zucchini bread of some sort. I’m a fan of making a double batch of muffins and sticking them in the freezer so I can grab them as needed!


Bok Choy: Chopped and sauteed with a little sesame oil, bok choy is perfect for serving with fish or chicken and maybe a bit of rice. I like to keep it pretty simple, but you can always add additional vegetables and make a great stir fry for one night this week.


Shishito Peppers: These make the perfect appetizers if you are having anyone over this week or weekend. They are quick and easy to make, but there is something about them that makes them feel and taste a bit fancy. I love a good blistered shishito pepper with sweet chili sauce, so when I found a recipe for blistered shishitos with sweet chili sauce AND goat cheese, I’m in. I am definitely going to give this recipe a try this weekend and share it with some friends.


Tomatoes: Instead of the typical BLT this week, I want to step it up a notch and make a Summer Panzanella. I can use several items from my share this week and I have a leftover red onion from a previous share so after a quick run to the grocery store I should be set! This will make a great dinner with plenty of leftovers for lunch this week…..always my favorite kind of meal.


Personal Watermelon: This won’t last long at my house! I will try place the watermelon in the fridge overnight to let it cool and cut it up Wednesday morning. It will likely be a meal in itself, but if I can ration it, it is a fantastic after-dinner treat during the week.


There you have it! Have some fun with your share this week and remember that we would love to see your creations online.